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A new, vampire curation (from Valhalla Books) has landed upon the literary scene, equipped with a provocative cover by Jeffrey Ray Hayes. The anthology is entitled The Blood Runs Deep (Vol 2), and its 385 pages run deep with blood-thirsty thrills that will keep even the most hardened, vampire aficionados on the edge of their seats.

My friend, publisher and mentor, Ron Fortier, has a tale in The Blood Runs Deep, "Going Into Business: A Sister Blood Story." To those in the know, Sister Blood, aka Paula Wozcheski, became a parasitic vixen after being bitten by a king vampire, with the subsequent means to turn into a large, humanoid bat. In addition, she's a sexy, nocturnal cohort of Fortier's legendary, undead avenger, Brother Bones. 

For "Going Into Business," Fortier pits Sister Blood against a strong-arming pimp named Big Louie Amant, who's been killing off the competition throughout craggy Cape Noire. However, the murders are only part of the ghastly intrigue, which connects to a ghostly madam who prowls a dilapidated bordello that Sister Blood and her pulp-writer friend, Nancy Hansen, intend to refurbish.

Fortier's story offers heaps of action and scares, and his fine fable is joined by comparable, lurid contributions from Dacre (Dracula, the Un-Dead) Stoker (Bram's great grand nephew), Jonathan Mayberry, Bobby Nash, Teel James Glenn, Josh Vasquez, Paige Steadman, Christopher Soucy, Jamie Ramos, Ellie Raine, Candace Nola, Adam Messer, Thomas Houston, Suzanne Allen, Retta Bodhaine, Josh Vasquez, Kim Marie Farris and Winfield Strock III (who also edited the volume). 

For those into vampire fiction, The Blood Runs Deep should be a dream (or make that, a satisfying scream) come true!

The Blood Runs Deep (Vol 2) is available in paperback and on Kindle at

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