Saturday, January 16, 2021



An Alternate Reality: The Man Without Fear Visits MCU's Spider-verse

The latest buzz on the in-production, live-action Spider-verse, i.e. Tom Holland/John Watt's Spider-man 3, is that Charlie Cox joined the cast as Daredevil (from the eponymous, cancelled Netflix series) and in pretty much the same breath, he's finished filming.  

One must presume then that his participation has been relegated to a cameo, and perhaps that's the case with most other heavyweights involved: Toby Mcguire, Andrew Garfield, Alfred Molina and Jamie Foxx. (Say, has anyone thought of pulling Nicholas Hammond into the brew? Come, now! He's much too historic to overlook.)

In any event, I was hoping for maybe something more substantial than cameos with Spider-verse's guest stars, but hey, I suppose whatever's concocted for the next, Tom Holland effort, it'll still add some real, web-swinging razzmatazz to the prosperous franchise. 

Also, this progressing multiverse trend won't just cover Spider-man, but Doctor Strange and for DC, a whole other mixing-and-matching of legends in the upcoming Flashpoint adaptation, to include Batman in the guise of Ben Affleck and Michael Keaton. The overlapping of realities is surely the next big thing. (While we're stirring the pot, why not have Affleck's Batman meet Affleck's Daredevil? Okay, just kiddin'...I think.) 

That headlining names are being dropped only guarantees interest, inspiring fans to flock to the colliding productions, if not in theaters (since so many are now restricted or closed due to dictatorial, pandemic constraints), but on subscription channels, as with Wonder Woman 1984 and the upcoming Godzilla vs Kong

I also like the idea that, at least on Marvel's front, Netflick's incarnations aren't being tossed to the wayside, as Cox's Man Without Fear suggests. As such, word has it that Luke Cage/Power Man will soon enter the Marvel Cinematic Universe line-up, though will it be in the Netflix mode, or something spankin' new? Cage's persona will be more comic-based, or publicity now claims, so who knows what the result will be and who'll play him? (I daresay, it would seem foolish at this point to purge Mike Colter from the role, unless it's his choice to evade the character.) 

Again, enticers are the ticket here (no matter the casting or length of the iconic appearances), with the Cox/Daredevil announcement being only the latest. This makes the anticipation of Spider-verse/Spidey 3, or any of the upcoming, universe-blurring adaptations, a massive, driving force: without question, genius-fueled on all fired cylinders. 

Friday, January 15, 2021



You were always one of the most familiar faces on film, Mr. Richman, and for good reason. Your appearances were numerous and of distinct quality. 

On television, you were featured on Cain's Hundred (as the eponymous lead); The Outer Limits (the original series); The Twilight Zone (original and latest); Alfred Hitchcock Presents (original); The Invaders (original); Swamp Thing (original); Wonder WomanThe Bionic Woman (original); Electra Woman and Dyna Girl; Knight Rider (original); Voyage to the Bottom of the SeaGalactica 1980Star Trek: the Next Generation; PSI FactorThe Man from U.N.C.L.E.; The Fugitive (original); Combat!; The Wild Wild West; Bonanza; RawhideDaniel Boone; The Silent Force; Get Christie Love!; The Fall Guy; LongstreetMatlockMcCloud; MannixHawaii Five ODynastyThree's Company; and in the voice-over realm, Batman: the Animated Series '94; Superman: the Animated Series '99; Spider-man: the Animated Series '97; and for Defenders of the Earth, bestowing the Phantom with the perfect, virile pitch. 

On the big screen, you were no stranger, either, covering such engaging titles as Agent for H.A.R.M.; Dark Intruder; Judgment Day; The Naked Gun 2 1/2: the Smell of Fear; The Murder Men; The Crimebusters; Mysteria; Friendly PersuasionAfter the Wizard; and Friday the 13th, Part VIII: Jason Takes Manhattan

You gave a lot, and what you gave will be appreciated long after you and your grateful fans cross paths in the Blissful Beyond.  

Thursday, January 14, 2021


AC's Femforce's Superbabes #5 explodes with righteous action, presented within our current, COVID climate. 

To acknowledge present events, this stunning, all-color issue is headlined by Mark and Stephanie Heike's cover tribute to essential workers, with the mighty Ms. Victory taking appreciative center stage.

Issue #5 also contains sensational, interior artwork by Dave Matsuoka, Andrew Hawnt, Bobby Ragland, Jeff Austin, Daniel De La Cruz and Josh Rodriguez. 

The Heike's excellent storytelling propels the luscious imagery all the further, as alien invaders leave our mind-seized Fems trapped within Proxima's evil grasp. Meanwhile, She-Cat and Nightveil travel their own torrid paths, with the former engaging in a mad melee and the latter facing a fierce, tentacled terror. The thrilling threefold can't help but leave readers panting for more. 

Pick up Superbabes #5 at your neighborhood comic shop or favorite, online station. (I got mine at trusty Steve's Comic Relief on Quakerbridge Road, Lawrenceville, NJ.  Pay a visit. You'll be glad you did.)

Tuesday, January 12, 2021


Oh, what a sweet, gorgeous amazon you were, Ms. Strain: the apple of so many a lustful eye. You never minded the ogling, though. In fact, you encouraged and promoted it, making you one of the most irreverent and respected pin-up icons of all time. 

And your iconic status prevailed even beyond the pages of Penthouse and related Girlie magazines, with a dizzying stack of films that includes "Delta Delta Die"; "Out for Justice"; "Double Impact"; "Kuffs"; "Azira: Blood from the Sand"; "Night Rhythms"; "Big Sister 2000"; "Heavy Metal 2000"; "Battlequeen 2020"; "Love Bites"; "The Bare Wench Project" (entire franchise); "Witchcraft IV"; "Mirror Images"; "The Rowdy Girls"; "The Independent"; "Beverly Hills Cop III"; "Rock n' Roll Cops 2"; "Psycho Cop Returns"; "The Unnamable II"; "Tales from the Crapper"; "Horror Tales 666"; ".com for Murder"; "Wild Angel"; "Barbarellas"; "Teasers"; "Bleed"; "Bikini Hotel"; "Zombiegeddon": "No Pain, No Gain": "Sex Court"; "How to Make a Monster '01"; "Planet of the Exotic Ape" (aka, "Babes in Kong Land"); "God Squad!"; "Thirteen Erotic Ghosts"; "Sorceress"; "Sorceress II: the Temptress"; "Infernal Soldiers"; "Red Line"; "Day of the Warrior"; "Takin it Off Out West"; "Naked Gun: the Final Insult"; "Victim of Desire"; "Guns of Chupacabra"; "Fit to Kill"; "Return to Savage Beach"; "The Dallas Connection"; and my personal fave, "Enemy Gold" (that scene in the woods with the sword--oh me, oh my). 

Your fans wished you to portray Wonder Woman, Vampirella and Bettie Page in full-length features. Though those prospects didn't come to be, you were still generous enough to grant a gamut of luscious homages in the form of photos and action figures. 

Beyond any doubt, you were the real-deal McCoy, Ms. Strain, whose love-of-life legacy will continue to enthrall, keeping your legend eternal within a band of devoted hearts.