Thursday, January 26, 2017

Ron Fortier's Where Love Takes You: A Play of Love and Devotion

Most folks associate Ron Fortier with action/adventure tales and gutsy characters like Captain Hazzard, Lady Action, and the chilling Brother Bones. However, Fortier has a nostalgic side beyond pulp heroics, as he demonstrates in his delightful, three-act play, "Where Loves Takes You," published by Airship 27 Productions. 

The play centers on Fortier's parents, George and Gaby, and in spite of their age difference, they fall in love just prior to George's entrance into WWII. What develops is a sentimental story, where Gaby's Penelope-like devotion savors every letter that George writes during his battle-wrought days and a sense of duty and patriotism encompasses even those back home. 

The story is introduced/narrated by Fortier and his wife, Valerie, who would be played by performers other than themselves for any given production. They grant the story amiable warmth, giving the tale an "Our Town" feel. In between, we experience not only romance, but kindness, fear, triumph and comedy. (One of my favorite moments is when George is invited to dinner by a particular Hollywood icon, and with George resembling Ray Milland...well, let's just say a most humorous moment is recounted.)

I recommend "Where Love Takes You" to those who enjoy classic movies and tune in to TCM whenever the chance arrives. The play, in fact, plays much like a movie in one's mind, stirring the flavor of such bittersweet, wartime favorites as "Best Years of Our Lives" and "I'll Be Seeing You", with a contagious Frank Capra charm throughout. 

If you need an escape from the harshness of current-day concerns, order a copy of "Where Love Takes You". You'll be swept away to a time that was certainly harrowing, but full of love and euphoric surprise. And for those itching to put on a play (whether for a high school, college or community theater), this is definitely one to consider: a guaranteed, applause-rousing success for those willing to invest the time and dedication. 

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  1. Wow, Michael,I am just speechless here. Thank you so very, very much for this amazing review. God bless you my friend, and I am truly delighted you enjoyed it so much.

  2. I certainly did enjoy it, Ron: a most pleasurable experience from beginning to end. I sure do hope your fans will purchase copies. It's not a pulp-hero yarn, but it certainly has your distinct storytelling style. Folks will not be disappointed!