Monday, January 9, 2017


Well, folks, progress on my novella, "The Hyde Seed" (the story of anguished boxer, Pepe Rodriguez), continues, thanks to Ron Fortier and Airship 27 Productions.

Per the December/January Airship Newsletters, "Hyde Seed" is officially in the "flight line" of upcoming releases.

Also, acclaimed illustrator/artist, Pedro Cruz, has been assigned to complete four, interior illustrations for my Jekyll/Hyde modernization. As you may know, Cruz supplied the illustrations for Airship's "Amazing Harry Houdini" and "Towers of Metropolis." Below is an example of Cruz's splendid work.

(Ash Arceneaux, mentioned in previous "Hyde Seed" posts, is responsible for the chilling cover.)

Anyway, I'm pleased that "Hyde Seed" has entered this significant stretch. I'll supply additional details soon and perhaps even reference those stories, in addition to Robert Louis Stevenson's, which have influenced my weird, psychological tale...


  1. ­čÉ▓Salutations Michael,
    It's 2017 and I was watching TCM yesterday and they showed 'Roller Ball' and 2018 is the future that game was played. I liked that movie when it first came out except for James Caan's character Jonathan E. His depression over his wayward wife is something I have never experienced - what I mean I have had three divorces and breakups with girlfriends but never acted or felt like he did - so I had a problem with that part of the movie. But the violent game and my favorite music 'Toccata and Fugue in D Minor' by Johann Sebastian Bach still fired me up even though it's funny living to the date in some scifi movie and nothing has come to pass. I don't know if you remember Virgil Fox a concert organist who played 'Heavy Organ',his billing not my words, which I saw in Oakland, CA at the Paramount theater, a restored 1931 art deco theatre, with a monster organ setup. I even bought the album and played it in my Victorian
    age house on my quadraphonic stereo equipment in 1975. It did not make too many people happy, except me.
    I read your profile and noticed you live in Trenton, NJ. I was stationed at McGuire AFB from 1964 to 1965 and then shipped to Southeast Asia. I met a woman there and when I came back in 1967 I went back on leave and married her, my first wife, in Trenton, NJ.
    I bought a new HP all-in-one desktop computer, using it now, and a HP 17' laptop. I was just fed up with old operating systems and hardware. Didn't really need it, just wanted it. Hope Christmas and New Years were fun, I'll bother you later.

    Astral Blessings,

    Skullator aka Arthur ... ­čĺÇ


    1. Hey, Arthur!

      Glad you got to revisit "Rollerball". (Don't care much, though, for the remake.) Anyway, I always thought (even as a little kid) that Jonathan E was pretty darn sensitive when it came to the ladies. It's odd since Caan's character is otherwise as tough as nails, so to speak.

      I also like the conspiracy element of the story: the way Jonathan E peels away the layers to get to the woeful truth. Interesting, too, that the corporation doesn't like the idea of any one member standing out from the pack. It reflects much of what goes on today in the school systems, where to excel beyond the others is frowned upon.

      Oh, yes, Toccata in Fugue is one powerful piece. I bought it on vinyl years ago. It not only reflects "Rollerball" but so many cool horror films, including "Dr. Phibes".

      Hey, how 'bout that Trenton connection! I'll be a son of a gun! Of course, I was a mere lad of two during that time period, but I still have vivid memories of such, believe it or not.

      Anyway, Christmas/New Year's were fine, Arthur. Hope all was well for you, my friend.