Sunday, January 1, 2017


"Captain Hazzard (Vol 5): Custer's Ghost" charges onto the pulp-hero scene with zeal and appeal, thanks to Airship 27 Productions' creator/author Ron Fortier and illustrator supreme, Rob Davis.

The latest outing is an unswerving, super-charged package, with our rocketing, telepathic hero tackling a series of mysterious scenarios (spiced by kooky crooks and supernatural beasts), with the highlight being the advent of George Armstrong Custer's ghost. However, is it truly the legendary general's spirit (carried via his faithful, spectral stallion) that's returned to avenge his loss at Little Big Horn? 

Whatever the cause, citizens of the Fort Peck Indian Reservation are receiving the brunt of the wraith's wrath--attacked by the ghastly, sword-slashing thing, no less--and the dare-deviling Kevin Hazzard must squash the mayhem. 

However, the eerie entity isn't the only obstacle with which our Champion of Justice must contend. He learns that gangsters have tried to seize a beautiful, Sioux princess named Dancing Moon from her NY campus, leaving Hazzard and his brave team to unravel the hows and whys. The ultimate question is, does the princess' attempted kidnapping in any way connect to the ghost? Well, you'll just have to read to find out, but for what it's worth, Super Detective Jim Anthony and his Comanche shaman grandfather, Mephito, figure in, and what develops will have you howling at the moon--hint, hint.

What makes this Hazzard adventure click is its unpretentious delivery of nostalgic thrills. Hazzard and his exploits not only spring from a pulp-fiction platform (particularly Doc Savage's), but also those wonderful, action-packed, chapter plays of decades past. And as most fans know, the old movie serials are generally considered unequaled in their breathless zest, but "Custer's Ghost" matches the best of them. 

This also makes Fortier's novel, along with Davis' detailed illustrations and Pat Carbajal's Hollywood styled cover, a guaranteed escape from the mundane. Heck, why pay a handsome fee for some oh-hum vacation, when for under $20, you can indulge in a grandiose getaway through Fortier's rollicking words?

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