Monday, January 2, 2017

Collectible Time #77: C3PO and K-2SO JAKKS 31" Big Figs

Thanks to my parents' Christmas generosity, I've gained two more "Star Wars" 31" JAKKS' Big Figs: nifty follow-ups to my recent Death Trooper procurement (see "Collectible Time #75", Dec '16).

This representation of Anthony Daniel's iconic C3PO is a real attention grabber and an ideal companion piece to JAKKS 20" R2D2 (see "Collectible Time #47", Dec '15). 

I must confess, for sentimental reasons, I prefer C3PO in his middle-trilogy look. In the latter mode, he stands more as a male counterpart to Fritz Lang's Maria Robotrix, even with the black/wired midsection. Nevertheless, the crimson-arm "Force Awakens" distinction does add a swell splash of color to the design, so why complain?

Next up (and straight outta this season's smash hit, "Rogue One")...K-2SO!!! With his imposing, lanky limbs, Alan Tudyk's great, gray droid comes to imposing life, at least, that is, for display purposes.  

To me, K-2SO's look is a throwback to those automatons that adorned so many old, pulp covers. In this regard (to those not in the "Rogue One" loop), K-2SO could be perceived as either friend or foe, depending on one's imaginative disposition.

I fancy all JAKKS figures, but among the "Star Wars" additions, the 31" examples might be the most satisfying (well, at least next to the 48" ones). Also, for a measly $30 - $40, the Big Figs are the most cost-efficient way to bring high-quality, "Star Wars" collectibles into one's home. Do yourself a favor and invest in one or two today!!!

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