Thursday, January 12, 2017

Collectible Time #78: North Country Crusaders Posters and Photo Set

Happy as heck to share this post, for it celebrates that tremendous, giving group, the North Country Crusaders!!! The Upstate NY troupe consists of several "anonymous" humanitarians, and in this particular instance, even the "villains" are warm and virtuous. 

Sometimes, the Crusaders make personal appearances for the sheer fun of it, but far more often for meaningful causes, geared for hospitalized and ill children, who are most deserving of comfort and cheer. The Crusaders also attend events to amass funds for families in need of medical expenses not covered by insurance. They also promote no-kill shelters for precious, adoptable pets.

The group is led by the Potsdam Batman: the name, Bruce Tompson might be associated with him, but gosh, perhaps I'm overstepping my bounds by promoting that rumor. Nonetheless, the charitable Dark Knight is assisted by his "Alfred", who completes the essential back-up for the Crusaders' appearances. Also, it may be worth mentioning that Alfred holds a possible connection to Bob Porter of the prosperous Misty Hollow Hobby Shop of Potsdam, but again, who am I to conjecture? (Ha, Ha)

I can at least confirm that the fellow portraying Bane has been my pal for several decades. It was through Bane's request and Alfred's generosity that I received copies of the Crusaders' fabulous 11" x 17" promotional poster, with one even signed by the folks!!!

Alfred also sent me several promotional photos of the members, as seen in the table-spread below. (Incidentally, the Heath Ledger Joker is a life-size prop that the resourceful Alfred constructed.)

From what Alfred and Bane tell me, joyful lookalikes of Jared Leto's Joker and Margot Robbie's Harley Quinn have now joined their ranks. (BTW: That's Alfred below with Potsdam's huge-hearted Clown Prince of Crime.)

The Crusaders deserve tons of credit for their overflowing kindness and the immense elation they bring to so many. I'm honored to possess these wonderful mementos, which will always remind me of their exemplary deeds. 

Hip, Hip, Hooray for the North Country Crusaders!!! True heroes through and through!!!

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