Friday, November 15, 2013

I saw Thor...

I saw the latest Thor movie, fancied it quite a lot, despite what the snobbish critics had to say. The new Captain America trailer looks rousing, as well. I think "Winter Soldier" will be another satisfying entry in the Marvel movie series.

Real curious about this new Batman outfit in the upcoming "World's Finest" film. The speculative buzz on it is very stirring, indeed!

PS: (1/28/14) Just wanted to inject a few additional comments onto my Thor post, which was basically initiated on the basis of initiating my blog center. My words at the time were sadly sparse, but I just wished to add that, upon recently revisiting "The Dark World", I found the film even more enjoyable than during the first outing.

Tom Hiddleston's Loki is, indeed most fascinating, fluctuating among villain, brotherly friend and something enigmatically between the extremes. In the end, it's still hard to say where the character precisely stands, and for that, the Thor sequel becomes all the better textured, while throwing Loki back to his mischievous, mythological roots.

All in all, "Dark World" is fun just for the sake of such, even throwing in an ample amount of comedy, which doesn't ever puncture or hinder the plot. Check out the sequel if you haven't already. It'll be time well worth spent, and undoubtedly a nice warm-up to "Winter Soldier".