Thursday, January 19, 2017

Collectible Time #79: Kotobukiya Marvel Now! Wolverine ArtFX+ Statue (for my Birthday)

I've been charmed by an early birthday gift from some fine folks at work...a 7.5" Kotobukiya Marvel Now! Wolverine ArtFx+ plastic statue, based on a famed painting by Adi Granov!!!

Like Kotobukiya's DC line, its Marvel series is breathtaking. The figures do need some basic, snap-assembly, but such isn't too involved. The detail on these figures is exquisite and the painting, professionally rendered. 

Wolverine is, as one can tell from the photos, a crowning case in point. 

For the sake of Logan, I rather fancy the orange/black outfit. (Okay, I suppose the orange may be a shaded yellow, making such a tinge more in tune with Granov's depiction. BTW: the legs are kissed by a stylish bronze.) At any rate, with this particular ArtFx+ Granov tribute, sculptor Junnosuke Abe gives us the right, rippling musculature, which seeps through the illusion of tight attire. The facial expression and pose also capture Granov's invested rage and determination, with Wolverine's six, deadly blades furiously hoisted. And speaking of display, the boots and base can be magnetically linked for sturdy posing. (The box graphics are also pretty cool.) 

Proud to add this dynamic piece to my collection, and if I may be so bold, it acts (at least for me) as an indirect warm-up for "Logan", the next X-Men feature.

I thank my dear friends for coming through with such a remarkable representation of one of the greatest, superheroic mutants of all time!!!

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