Tuesday, January 31, 2017

Collectible Time #80: Multiverse Reverse Flash; plus Jyn Erso Action Figure and R2D2 Candy Dispenser

Received some additional action-adventure tie-in items for my birthday...

From my friend/coworker, Melissa, I got a 6" DC Multiverse Ebobard Thawne Reverse Flash, based on his CW persona, portrayed by Matt Letscher.

As you can tell from the above, the figure's detail is impressive, as is the display-case type packaging which accompanies all such Multiverse collectibles. 

Reverse Flash has 20 points of articulation and is accompanied by a couple, intriguing parts that can, after other characters are purchased, comprise a nifty Justice Buster figure...

Also on the action-figure front, another friend/coworker, Rani, gave me a lovely 3.75" representation of one of the bravest heroines to grace the silver screen: Felicity Jones' Jyn Erso from "Star Wars: Rogue One".

This Disney toy release is accessorized with a trigger-activated projectile. Cool!!!

What I like about the current series of smaller "Star Wars" figures is that they match the old Kenner line, thus continuing the fine tradition that began in '78. (They also fit in nicely with Hallmark's "Star Wars" Christmas ornaments.)

Also in keeping with the "Star Wars" theme, another friend/coworker, who wishes to remain anonymous (bless her heart), surprised me with the below 4" Galerie R2D2 candy dispenser. 

What distinguishes the dispenser, beyond its spot-on detail, is that it clicks, whistles and grants one a nice round, sugary treat when one presses its center panel. How conveniently clever! (I've a hunch this one might become a coveted item in years to come, as so many of these sorts of movie tie-in novelties do.)

At any rate, I'm most appreciative of these thoughtful gifts, which made my birthday ever more special!!!

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