Saturday, April 1, 2017


Hello to all my friends and fans in the Trenton/Hamilton Twp, New Jersey area… 

Alas, I have no signings scheduled at this time, but per your requests, I can certainly accommodate those of you seeking signed copies of my books. I realize a significant number of you have age/health obstacles, which would prevent you from so easily obtaining copies, but I can tend to the orders and signatures per your requests. Currently, I do still have several copies of “The Hyde Seed”; “Enter—the Persona!”; and even a smattering of “Flask of Eyes” for those interested.

Most of you have my email address/phone number (or Donna's), but if not, please post a message below, and I'll make arrangements accordingly. As long as you’re within my area of residence, I should be able to accommodate you.

Additionally, the audio presentation of “Enter—the Persona!”, performed by actor Mark Barnard, should surface soon from Radio Archives. I’ll update my blog with further information as it arrives.

Take care and as always, thanks for your support!!!

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