Thursday, April 20, 2017


The masterful Jason Crawley (aka, the Bloke) does it again and to seal the deal, get a load of that terrific, shark/babe Mike Hoffman cover! Whoa!!!

Inside the latest BLOKE’S TERRIBLE TOMB OF TERROR (Issue #16), one will find a slew of gruesome gems, covering such disturbing delights as woodland specters; a haunted mansion; outer-space suspense; warring witches; and that ol' lusty standby, adultery.

In addition to Crawley's contributions, the artistic contents are rendered by Paul Abrams; Jeff Austin; Keith Braun; Marc Gras Cots; Robert Flood; Daerick Gross Sr; Nik Poliwko; Juan Carlos Abraldes Rendo; Juan Luis Iglesias Roncero; and Santos Zaballos. Each page brims of detailed strangeness and suspense, guaranteed to keep aficionados of Warren's Eerie and Creepy gleefully fulfilled. Great, chilling stuff all the way!!! Hip! Hip! Hooray!!!

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