Sunday, April 2, 2017


Maestro Michael Ferentino's Bedtime for Robots returns with a sublime compilation: WITCH HAMMER REDUX, and just in time to shake our gnawing, prolonged complacency...

I must confess, whenever I listen to a Ferentino composition, whether through Bedtime or even the legendary Love In Reverse, I conjure different ideas, images and emotions. The same will occur (and in fact, already has) with the dementedly wicked WITCH HAMMER REDUX. On this basis, it's probably best that I convey what the tracks meant to me upon my most recent visit. 

For such, the title track, "Witch Hammer...", really sets the pace: a musical "old friend", if one will, or a cozy, thematic sequel of sorts. It also struck me as happy, snappy and strange: a quirky, welcoming vibration that easily led me to latch other tracks onto it.

These gems included "Vicariously Snowed In", which reminded me of those agitated days when (due to inclement weather or maybe a loss of car), I've been grounded: left to find the psychological means to say "to hell with it all". A smooth sadness, however, always accompanies such defiance, and I found it in the likes of "Sheepmarch" and "Cloud Hole": the former being more menacing to my ears and the latter, a jazzy resignation to my damned status quo. "Spanking Ouija" managed to combine the hypnotic best of the two: a sneaky conjuring for something ambitious, like the means to escape my shackles and dim confines.

"Bag Daddy", on the other hand, swung me back to an electrifying get-up-and-go, as did "Wicked Horse": a Carpenter-esque theme for a modern Conan marching off to war. "The Calling" acted as their sequel/prequel with its foreboding, frenetic flow; and "Alafia River" was the aftermath to all the tracks: a creepy indulgence for a nasty job well done. It also made me ponder what mad spoils did my desperate liberation bring? Are the rewards the sort I truly desired, or must I now shed myself of their dismal residue, and oh (whoa is me!) how might such be accomplished?

This emotional visit to WITCH HAMMER REDUX gave me the impression of something simultaneously ancient and futuristic, invoking feelings both stressful and calming. The content is all I could expect and then some from BEDTIME and its genius conjurer. 

I plan to listen again and refashion the tracks within my ears and come up with a whole new, weird scheme of things. Can't wait to do it. I dare you to do the same...

You can absorb Ferentino's marvelous creation at...  Go on, now. Your imagination demands it!!!

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