Thursday, April 6, 2017


Actor Mark Barnard's audio performance of ENTER--THE PERSONA! (aka, THE PERSONA, Vol 1) is now available for purchase at...

I've listened to Barnard's presentation of my novel and--WOW!!!--I was blown away. It unfolds like an old-time radio play. Barnard added variances to the voices, including not only the likes of Michael Mansford/the Persona and the mysterious Mister Surrogate, but the delicate and demure Stacey Standish. Barnard also gave Ned Stark a wonderful, Ernest Borgnine quality. Man, was that ever a most satisfying surprise. To say the least, the entire experience was nothing short of astounding!!!

As most of you know, ENTER--THE PERSONA! was published by Airship 27 Productions in July '16, and now about nine months after such, Barnard has given symbolic birth to the audio version for Radio Archives. Yep, I'm quite a proud papa...well, at least in a roundabout way. And I can guarantee one and all, the results of Barnard's conception will prove most pleasing to the ears and be certain to invigorate the mind's eye. Do yourself a favor and give this consuming consummation a try!!!

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