Wednesday, April 26, 2017

Collectible Time #85: Nate "the Animal" Gonzalez's Barbara Steele Tribute

For years, I've admired the enchanting Barbara Steele and not just from her movie personas. She had an extensive modeling career, as well, with many fine, enticing images to prove such. Her "chain mail" dress series has always impressed me. Though I don't know the photographer behind those provocative images, I've always been most appreciative of the effort applied.

With this said, my dear, artistic friend, Nate "the Animal" Gonzalez, has honored me with a variation on one such image from that particular series (see above), which captures both Steele's natural, magnetic draw, along with loads of '60s sex appeal. 

Gonzalez labored hours on this one, which is no surprise. Just look at the detail. The refashioning of Steele's see-through dress, with all those little, linking loops, is an amazing accomplishment--and all done by hand. I, for one, would have been beyond intimidated to have tackled such a task, but one as bold and talented as Gonzalez seized the opportunity without an ounce of hesitation and succeeded in spades. (Below is an example of an early rendering of the piece, if only to give one some idea of its progression.)

The image, which Gonzalez was kind enough to frame, measures 11" x 17". Prints of this superb piece are available, incidentally, so please feel free to contact the artist for price and shipping details at... (You can also post a message below.)

BTW: Gonzalez is open to commissions, so if you have a favorite semblance in mind, don't be shy... Additionally, he'll soon be offering some of his 9" x 12" pencil, marker and sketch copic entries for sale: quite an exciting prospect for any art aficionado.


  1. Thank you so much Michael, this was truly a "Challenge" but well worth the time and effort. Like anything in life we can only gain strength either Physical or Mental by challenging, dare I say pushing ourselves to our limits & beyond! If anyone is interested my Facebook page is or you can reach me via email at
    I am also on Twitter & Instagram as Nate L Gonzalez. If you have a commission in mind I am available & can take payments via PayPal for your convenience.

    1. The work you poured into this one sure does show, Nate. Thanks, too, for the contact info. I'm sure it'll be put to good use, my friend.