Monday, April 10, 2017

Collectible Time #84: Pegagus Rocketship X-M and Monogram/Revell Tom Daniel Grim Reaper Chopper

Z&Z Hobbies came through again, with two superb, plastic model kits: one a recent release linked to a beloved, older movie and the other, a cool '70s reissue.

The first is Pegasus' Rocketship X-M (RXM) spacecraft, right out of the 1950 (pre-Space Age) classic, starring Hugh O'Brian and Lloyd Bridges. 

"Rocketship X-M" is one of my favorite films. (I'm actually quite fond of the '78 re-release with the refashioned footage, which doesn't steal at all from the original layout, but in an odd turn, actually enhances many sequences, including the rocketship ones.) Having a 1:14 scale reproduction of the famous ship is an absolute thrill for me. (Below is a view of a completed kit, with its Martian base. Impressive, ain't it? The Pegasus box artwork is also a terrific treat: heck, so stunning, it would look good framed.)

Next up...Monogram's reissue of Revell's '74 Tom Daniel's Grim Reaper Chopper. 

Alas, I never had the Daniel's design kit among my "darker", motorcycle models as a kid, but it's better late than never to right a wrong.

The box artwork invokes an eerie display, though the actual cycle (when completed) is simply a sleek, stunner of a machine: the sort of contraption that would turn one's head, whether one is into choppers or not.  

The kit is 1:8 scale and comes with multiple parts, as featured in the handy image above: more geared for the experienced modeler than the kiddies (not that today's youngsters are ever so inclined to build models; and for the record, the box does state that the kit is best suited to those 14-plus in age). 

Anyway, both RXM and the Grim Reaper certainly quenched my yearning for some neato, retro fun. Cool, man, cool!!!

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