Saturday, March 25, 2017


Mr. Lobo is an ideal host, not only for "misunderstood" movies, but for comic-book horror tales. Yes, our dear, engaging host is a veritable Cryptkeeper in his own distinguished right. 

The British-based Wrench Productions detected Mr. Lobo's potential and has wisely utilized his presence for the new, illustrated, anthology series, BIZARRE DIMENSIONS!!!

The initial issue is out now, and boy, oh, boy, does it ever live up to its title, offering enough weird twists and turns to make even the likes of the Rod Serling and Alfred Hitchcock envious. In other ways, BIZARRE DIMENSIONS is like an otherworldly fever dream: think of Roger Corman's "The Trip" crossed with Roald Dahl's "Tales of the Unexpected". 

The initial issue sports a wild cover (as seen above) by Lola Patissiere, depicting a cycling, Napoleonic simian, which ties in to one of the issue's stories, "Bananas": penned by Cliff Jones and illustrated by Grayham Puttock. It's a cool cross between "Planet of the Apes" and "Me and the Chimp", but even more so, stands as a bittersweet swan song of sorts to all those grand circuses of old and new.

Also in the issue is the eerie, off-kilter "Brown Out", written as well by Cliff Jones, with artwork by Andrew Richmond. This one has a real haunting mood, which will likely stay with one days after one reads it. For those who fancy Serling's "Monsters Are Due on Maple Street", this one should more than hit the spot.

Mr. Lobo gives each story the proper wraparound panache, adding sophistication and wry humor to set up and conclude them, proving indeed how perfect he is for this splendidly strange concoction.

Get in on this new, surreal sensation by ordering your copy of BIZARRE DIMENSIONS today at...   You'll be so pleased that you did!!!

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