Tuesday, March 14, 2017


I can't express how often your productions have enchanted me over the years, and the list is filled with numerous, colorful classics: "The Blob '58"; "Beware! the Blob"/"Son of Blob"; "The Blob '88"; "Dark Star"; "Dinosaurus!"; "Equinox"; "Eyes of Laura Mars"; "4D Man"; and the comedy favorite, "Schlock". You gave so many young filmmakers and performers a chance to make their mark on the imagi-movie scene, for which so many of us are grateful. May you bring your insightful grace to the great drive-in screen in the sky, where your innovative entries can delight for as long as the stars do shine. 

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  1. Also, Mr. Harris was a terrific distributor of films in general. The Korean cult classic, A*P*E*, came our way through him.

    It also appears there's a hankering for another "Blob" movie on the horizon (Rob Zombie was attached at one point) and allegedly there's been an interest to remake "Dinosaurus!" Harris' influence will never be matched, however. His groundwork and style was that unique.