Thursday, March 23, 2017


Wanted to share Ron Fortier's Airship 27 Productions Press release of my novella, "The Hyde Seed". Captain Ron is doing a swell job promoting it, and here's the proof-- 

Also, for the sake of enticement, I thought I'd offer the novella's initial Amazon review:

"THE HYDE SEED reminds me of something that might have appeared on TWILIGHT ZONE or maybe TALES FROM THE DARKSIDE. It's about a down-and-out boxer named Pepe Rodriguez, who has this strange force spew from his brain after getting walloped in the ring. The thing doesn't dominate him, though, until years later when he's working as a janitor and a group of bullies cause his Hyde side to reawaken. That's when the real trouble starts.

The novel is rather sad, as most underdog stories are. I really felt for this poor guy and wanted him to win out. Parts of the story deal with unrequited love, the loss of Rodriguez's mother and his need to impress his hardheaded father. 

The book is also pretty creepy in the way the Hyde character is portrayed. The monster is described as a plant-like thing, with its garden being the protagonist's brain. The early scenes featuring the monster are presented in dreams, but as the story moves along, the invisible Hyde starts to exist outside its host. Yeah, weird stuff, but also pretty much familiar Jekyll/Hyde territory. 

I recommend THE HYDE SEED for the fact that it's a throwback to an old-anthology way of storytelling and combines tension with tenderness to get its point across. For the price, you can't go wrong. It's also a real fast read. Probably would make a decent movie." - horrorfan

I do believe the above is an encouraging endorsement, so please give "Hyde Seed" a try. You can order your paperback edition at... 

You can also order from Barnes and Noble at...

Thanks very much for your support, my friends, and I hope you enjoy my story!!!

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