Wednesday, March 1, 2017

Collectible Time #82: Gary Shipman Michael Keaton/Batman Prints

Before becoming the main villain in "RoboCop '14" and the upcoming "Spider-man: Homecoming", as well as scrutinizing himself in the Oscar-winning "Birdman", Michael Keaton began a new phase of Batmania in Tim Burton's 1989 Caped Crusader blockbuster and further cemented it in the 1991 sequel.

Acclaimed artist, Gary Shipman, has fashioned two, terrific 11" x 17" tributes to Keaton's incarnation, which I've added to my collection.

Each signed print is imposing, with the first depicting a stationary pose: the background exuding an earth-toned texture, which enriches the character's contemplative stance.

The second has a more flowing feel, thanks to an aimed arm and angled cape. The backdrop creates a starry, soothing sensation, which also conveys an underlying, dark determination. 

I'm not sure yet which of the two images I favor more, so I'll cop-out and say it's a tie.

Shipman has a real knack for capturing Batman's essence, in any number of his manifestations, so if you're a Caped Crusader fan (or fancy superheroes in general), you're destined to appreciate the artist's expansive gallery at...

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