Saturday, March 18, 2017

Collectible Time #83: Moebius Yvonne Craig/Batgirl and Suicide Squad Batmobile Model Kits

My friends at Z&Z Hobbies, Harvey and Mike, received a back-order on the resin release of Moebius' Yvonne Craig Batgirl kit. 

When assembled (see above images), the 1:5 scale costumed Barbara Gordon stands an awesome 17", with base. The kit was sculpted by the masterful Jeff Yagher and comes in a large, heavy-duty box, with cool-blue graphics, which of course, feature the fetching Craig. 

Moebius has been releasing styrene versions of the Batman '66 characters, which I've featured in several previous posts, like "Collectible Time #71": Oct '16. The figure featured here is a more expensive, deluxe entry, which though probably out of my price range, nonetheless satisfied my urge to get a Craig Batgirl for my collection. The kit goes between $125 - $150 through most hobby sources. (Z&Z gave me a loyal-customer discount, I'm pleased to report.)

Also through Z&Z, I obtained a Moebius "Suicide Squad" limited-edition, Ben Affleck Batmobile. The company actually released a version of this model last year (see "Collectible Time #56, April '16) to coincide with "Batman v Superman", so it's the crimson-backdrop packaging that primarily distinguishes this (re)release. Also, if one doesn't add the front guns, the Batmobile can better reflect the style featured in the villain-rally hit.

The Batmobile is an impressive 1:25 (12") scale, so no matter which release one goes for, one will get a decent chunk of plastic with which to tinker for about $30-$40, at the present price range.

Anyway, it was sure fun to get a couple Batman collectibles that span both the new and old cinematic realms.

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