Tuesday, August 30, 2016


Moonstone’s latest release of Ron Fortier and Eric Esquivel’s GUNS OF THE BLACK BAT: LAIR OF THE BAT might be the best to rise among this year's superhero team-ups. It invokes not only “Watchmen’”s “Minutemen”, but the rambunctious zeal of those exciting movie-serials of the decades past.

The brooding Black Bat is ultimately at the adventure's hub, but Airboy; the Golden Amazon; and the Skull also figure into the action, uncovering a link between Nazis and invaders from outer space. 

At first, the heroic crossover features a tinge of wariness among its members, but once they get to know one another (thanks to Black Bat's well intended coercion), they flow in merry unison: a refreshing turn in contrast to many recent, superhero team-ups, where hostility sadly prevails among the good guys.

Not only is Fortier and Esquivel’s story engaging (with snappy dialogue which fits its time frame to a tee), but Paul Delacroix’s artwork is beyond splendid, presenting each character with dynamic relish. (I must confess, I became instantly smitten with Golden Goddess’ statuesque curves.) Also, Michael Stribling's dynamic cover captures the best of old-time, movie-palace posters.

Get your copy LAIR OF THE BAT today at your local comic shop or through Moonstone Publishing: http://www.moonstonebooks.com/shop/.

I’ve no doubt you’ll be as thrilled with this installment as I am. Can’t wait for Issue #2!!!