Thursday, August 25, 2016

Collectible Time #68: Nate "the Animal" Gonzalez's Holy Trinity and Batgirl Bombshell Tributes

Nate "the Animal" Gonzalez has hit the bullseye once again with more colorful, DC superhero tributes!!!

First up is a fabulous trio which he calls "The Holy Trinity". It's a combo of previous portraits, featuring Adam West's Batman (see "Collectible Time #50": Jan '16), Linda Carter's Wonder Woman and Christopher Reeve's Superman. 

Gonzalez's 11" x 17" arrangement is impeccable, giving his spot-on representations of the thespians and their characterizations a divine sweep--holy, indeed!!!

In addition to the above print, I gained two 11" x 17" versions of Gonzalez's  most recent masterpiece, "Batgirl Bombshell".

What's neat about the initial (above) variation is its bright, throwback panache. This color implies a stained-glass quality, but even more so, it could act as convincing, WWII nose art: sexy and when need be, lethal.

The antiquated version (below) is equally fascinating, with a creased, golden, weather-worn aura: for all intents and purposes, a long-lost treasure from decades past. Its distinct hue and texture also represents that good, ol' Americana, folk-art flair. 

These three are marvelous prints to add to one's collection; so feel free to touch base with Nate at his Facebook page (aptly named, Nate "the Animal" Gonzalez) for prices and availability.

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