Monday, August 8, 2016

Collectible Time #66: Brother Bones/Rob Davis Teaser Movie Poster

Coming soon from Franklin-Husser Entertainment LLC, "Brother Bones: The Movie"...and here's Rob Davis' teaser poster to commemorate it!!! I recently obtained a print from Davis, and boy, am I ever pleased that this 11" x 17" masterpiece is now part of my pulp-hero/superhero collection. Just look at that dynamic set-up, the striking color and atmospheric flair!!! 

For those of you who are (for whatever inexplicable reason) unfamiliar with Brother Bones, he's the creation of Airship 27 Productions' founder, Ron Fortier. The character's early adventures are detailed in Fortier's sterling anthology, "Brother Bones: the Undead Avenger". Bones was a criminal once known as Tommy Bonello, until he became transformed by fate into a skull-masked crusader, who's gruff, tough and darn easy to admire. 

Fortier's founding anthology and Roman Leary's novel, "Six Days of the Dragon", are excellent ways to introduce yourself to Cape Noire's brooding avenger. In these tales, you'll find supernatural intrigue, some science-fiction and loads of quirky characters to rival even those of exalted Batman and Flash fame.

Also, J. Scott Bennett, the brilliant voice performer (see "Jake Bible's Fighting Iron": May '16), offers dramatic readings of both publications (available through Audible), where his earthy, varied vocalizations grant the tales yet another rich layer. Listening to Bennett is, in fact, akin to listening to old-time radio classics: a perfect medium for a dynamic figure such as Brother Bones. 

Anyway, I'm sure glad I latched onto the burgeoning Brother Bones craze. You'd be wise to latch on, too!!!