Monday, August 1, 2016

Collectible Time #65: Jonathan Myers Nosferatu "Symphony of Horror" Prints

My talented friend, Jonathan Myers, is working on an epic, graphic-novel tribute to F.W. Murnau's chilling, silent "Dracula" adaptation, "Nosferatu". To keep us content while his Max Schreck salute is completed, he's offering three atmospheric prints, culled from his dark work in progress. The series, like the developing novel, is entitled "Symphony of Horror", and its entries are available through Society6, with each print measuring a stylish 7" x 10". 

"Nosferatu Deathbird" (above) represents the Count's eerie control over the elegant, young couple featured, with menacing, shifting eyes and a clawed hand of disquieting command. The blue backdrop meshes well with the Count's circled orbs, accented by earthy browns and a sprinkle of glowing yellow. 

"Shadow of Nosferatu" (below) offers another chilling angle of the Count, with his haunting, contemplative countenance stationed in the lower portion and smoky, ascending plumes standing in lieu of his unraveling thoughts. 

Last but not least is a design of Gothic furnishing called "Nosferatu Clock": layered in rich detail and ominous atmosphere. The deep-blue backdrop sets off the grays and brownish reds, giving the structure both distinction and a quality of dread. 

One can, in fact, order the prints framed (as I opted to do), but in either format, one will surely be pleased with the results, particularly if one fancies the 1922 Murnau classic or simply Gothic horror in general.

Visit the Society6 Myers "Nosferatu" page for details on pricing and availability at... Truly, this is a once-in-a-lifetime opportunity to obtain three of the best "Nosferatu" tributes ever to rise from the grave!!!


  1. Thank you so much Michael. Your sentiments are GREATLY appreciated my friend. -Jonathan Myers

  2. My pleasure, indeed, Jonathan. I am so pleased by how these turned out: a remarkable achievement!

  3. Wow. Thee are beautiful. I will def check out. If its in my budget, i will purchase :-)

    1. They really are worth the investment. Each exudes a dark beauty: a remarkable accomplishment. Can't wait for the graphic novel!