Tuesday, August 16, 2016

Collectible Time #67: Atlantis/Revell Phantom/Witch Doctor Reissue

Straight out of the Sunday funny papers comes Lee Falk's The Phantom (aka, the Ghost Who Walks), as represented in this Revell reissue by Atlantis.

Some months back I yearned for this re-release, having obtained Atlantis' reissue of Alex Raymond's comic-strip space adventurer, Flash Gordon (see "Collectible Time #55": March '16).

As with Flash (who's packaged with a little Martian figure), the 1/8 scale Phantom (who we well know spanned several, heroic Walker descendants) is accompanied by his own companion: a leaping Tiki-ish Voodoo Witch Doctor, who in his own right, stands as a mighty fine retro-piece.

I obtained my kit through Z&Z Hobbies at a most reasonable price. (Most retailers offer it for about $30.)

This one is certainly worth obtaining for nostalgic reasons and more importantly, commemorates the greatest, jungle hero ever to bolt out of the Bangalla vegetation!!! 

Long live the Phantom!!!

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