Saturday, August 20, 2016


Michael and Jennifer Ferentino have produced yet another spectacular and surreal episode of After Hours: now available for viewing on YouTube. (You can also easily access such through the show's Facebook page at...

In case you’re not yet hip to the scene, After Hours is the Ferentinos' wonderful hybrid of classic MTV and otherworldly anthology shows, like Twilight Zone and Night Gallery, with Michael acting as our sophisticated (and affably arcane) Rod Serling-esque host. (Check out my July and June posts on the previous offerings.)

Episode 3 presents another super mix of sight and sound, centering on the spellbinding work of U.K. artist Kieran Mahon. Mahon’s music, like Mr. Ferentino's imaginative Bedtime for Robots compositions, is sweeping and at times, delightfully disturbing. In this respect, Mahon's material is uninhibitedly offbeat, but also exudes a consoling, gradual-build jubilation, where the weird and the mystical mesh without hitch. Mahon's work is also spiritual (at least to me): not hymn-like by any means, but equipped with a transcending, electronic ascension that sends one toward the clouds or more precisely, another dimension. (The episode's presented video accompaniment only adds to the euphoric strangeness.)

To accompany Mahon's fine samplings, Episode 3 presents additional psychedelic imagery and splendid, untamed audio. (Bedtime for Robots' "Sham" and "Easter" are strong cases in point.) During the presentation, the concoctions stretch, pulsate and hypnotize, making the half-hour journey a winner to anyone who hankers for material beyond the norm.

I urge you check out After Hours when you can. (Heck, treat yourself to a three-episode marathon.) Nothing else compares to it on any entertainment source today. I'm confident that the series is here to stay, and we should all feel blessed for its trailblazing manifestation!!!

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