Thursday, September 1, 2016

Collectible Time #69: Moebius/Yagher Burgess Meredith Penguin Kit

Moebius has done it again, with its third in the 1/8 scale Batman '66 model kit series (see "Collectible Time #19": Feb '15). 

This Jeff Yagher sculpted kit sports a phenomenal resemblance to Burgess Meredith, right down to his famous, waddling pose. It also comes with an earthy, penguin-adorned base, which complements the figure, as opposed to distracting from it. (Incidentally, Pengy can be displayed with his umbrella either open or closed. Cool! Oh, and dig that crazy, Aurora-styled box artwork. Neat-o!)

I bought my kit at Z&Z Hobbies (no surprise there); it runs about $35 through most retailers: a most reasonable fee in this age of overpriced products. 

Can't wait till the Burt Ward Robin makes the scene. (The Meredith Penguin sure took long enough to arrive, and if there's any criticism I have of Moebius, it's the constant delays. The company's kits are superb, but come on, guys, let's try to keep those promised deadlines. Robin was set for release prior to Pengy, after all, so what gives?)

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