Tuesday, September 20, 2016

Exorcist Series Possesses TV!!!

I’m not surprised that “ The Exorcist” has gone the television-series route. Heck, for what it's worth, I wasn’t surprised when it happened to “The Omen”. However, “Damien” only lasted a season and never effectively expanded upon its already existing fan base. With its handful of testing-the-water episodes, will “Exorcist” meet the same truncated fate?

The Fox series, produced by Jeremy Slater and commencing 9/23, takes a slow-burn approach to evil's ascent, with matters growing more sinister with each installment, underscored by the familiar good-vs-evil thread. 

I always thought that a Father Lankester Merrin prequel series would have worked splendidly, if only based on Rennie Harlin's "The Beginning" and Paul Schrader's "Dominion", but in this instance, we have newcomers, Father Tomas Ortega (Alfonso Herrera) and Father Marcus Keane (Ben Daniels) getting involved in the demonic action, with Geena "The Fly" Davis playing a continuing, anguished character named Angela Rance, whose family falls victim to the burgeoning terror. 

There much anticipation for intense scares with this one, with Fox publicizing a "parental discretion advised" angle, but it seems unlikely the series will match the original William Friedkin adaptation for shocks (the other films, though effective in their own ways--and yep, that includes John Boorman's "Heretic"--never came close to striking the original's jarring mark), so we can only hope an emphasis on William Peter Blatty's intense perception of faith defines the show.

Anyway, considering the no-holds-barred approach of shows like "American Horror Story", my hunch is "Exorcist" will still try to freak folks out. We'll see how it goes and what impact it has among older fans, if they do, in fact, tune in. As was the case with "Damien", I'll be watching, hoping and above all, praying for the best outcome with this one.


  1. Excellent first chapter. Had some creepy moments, but above all, it was character-driven and well acted: distinct traits of the franchise. I believe this is going to be a fine sequel. Most anxious to see the rest.

  2. What a surprise on "Through My Most Grievous Fault"! And boy, oh, boy, does this ever tie the Fox series directly to the founding classic! I'm pleased, amazed and can't wait to see more...

  3. Whether it gets renewed or not, "Exorcist: the Series" is a fine addition to the franchise: from beginning to end, a terrific good-vs-evil sequel. That it's character-driven and well acted make all the difference in the world, of course.

    When people mention their favorite, new shows for 2016 and don't mention "Exorcist", I'm quick to toss it into the conversation. I so want folks to give this one a chance. I know they won't be disappointed.