Thursday, September 15, 2016

Gotham Season 3: The Mad City Rises!!!

“Gotham’”s second season was a ratings winner. Even so, I found it uneven at times. Others would argue that the initial season was the awkward one, but I felt that the tonality was at least steady throughout that introductory phase. With Season 2, early episodes were Burton-esque, while later ones had Chris Nolan's no-nonsense approach; and still several see-sawed between the extremes, all within the same, commercial-laden hour. Throughout it all, the biggest highlight—and blunder—was the use and misuse of Jerome Valeska (Cameron Monaghan), the Clown Prince, heir apparent.

We’re promised a continuation of the Jerome saga this season (commencing 9/19 on Fox), and by golly, why not? Hugo Strange (B.D. Wong)’s Frankenstein experimentation justifies it. All the same, I’ll believe it when I see it. Season 2 could have easily resolved the matter in its final episode ("Transference") and made us even more excited for Season 3, aptly subtitled "Mad City" (those-in-the-know will understand the label), but I guess that's just the way the misleading ball bounces. 

At least the bulk of our established players are back: Jim Gordon (Ben McKenzie); Harvey Bullock (Donal Lague); Bruce Wayne (David Mazouz); Alfred Pennyworth (Sean Pertwee); Oswald Copplepot/Penguin (Robin Lord Taylor); Ed Nygma/Riddler (Cory Michael Smith); Selena Kyle/Catwoman (Camren Bicondova); Mr. Victor Fries/Freeze (Nathan Darrow); Hugo Strange (the aforementioned Wong); Lee Thompkins (Morena Baccarin); Nathaniel Barnes (Michael Chiklis); Lucius Fox (Chris Chalk); and Butch Gilzean (Drew Powell). Also, we can expect the advent of Jervis Tetch/the Mad Hatter (Benedict Samuel); as well as a new Poison Ivy (moving from Clare Foley to Maggie Geha). 

Season 3 could hurl “Gotham” to even higher heights of popularity, but if certain insinuations go unfulfilled (or if we're simply teased along without resolution), the series could falter, which would be a embarrassment to all involved. The show (i.e., its basic premise of presenting character origins) has intriguing appeal and specific expectations. The producers would be wise to pay heed to what the fans desire; if not, a particular chance for iconic villainy could be foolishly squandered. 

Let’s hope that "Mad City" has the decency to make our crazed-clown wishes at long last come true.


  1. "Better to Reign in Hell" at least established the Poison Ivy switch right off the bat (pun intended, I guess). Better this, I suppose, than having one person replace the other, as if the first was just another "Gotham" decoy. We're dealing with one-and-the-same for certain, only mutated to older form. Interesting...

  2. Mesmerizing entrance for Mad Hatter in "Look Into My Eyes"; and speak of splendid tradition: yet another incarnation of Pengy runs for mayor!

  3. Hi Michael, I was going to ask you if you watched 'Gotham' and here is your Blog page. I enjoy this show even though it does depict certain characters in an alternate - writers, producers and others - idea. Jim Gordon is the most straying I believe unless there have been changes I have missed in the comic books or other forms of story telling. His girlfriend Barbara, who I thought would marry him fulfilling Gordon's back story, but she goes completely psycho and walks around free even though she has committed a list of horrible crimes - she is one of those people I really wanted to see get killed with her partner in crime - along with another crazy, evil woman who should be dead or at least imprisoned. Your right about Jerome and I for one would have liked the plot before to lead to the Joker not some rebirth story that to me will be a stretch .
    Not to sure about the Bruce Wayne character development. I guess I want him to be a little more cognizant of his environment and who he should trust and listen to for guidance and logical ways of thinking. I didn't expect much of him at first because of his age and inexperience but again the producers or whomever has him act as though he is a rational adult with horrible results without a change in his thought or actions with very little remorse for putting Alfred in peril. Poor Alfred is put into the most dangerous predicaments that I end up feeling he is one of the great heroes rather than a butler and guardian.
    But with what I see as faults or errors I enjoy the dark atmosphere, and truly sinister characters whether they be on the side of the law or not. It's as though there is no line anyone can cross, everything is okay.
    Fish Mooney? Not matter how many times she gets killed she shows up again. Reminds me of Kenny in South Park but it is not funny.
    I am ranting again. Wish I could succinct in my reviews.
    Astral Blessings! Skullator aka Arthur

  4. Hey, Arthur! Just answered you through a separate email, my friend, but will offer some tidbits here, as well.

    I must say, I do agree with your assessments, particularly on Barbara. I like to think she'll be the mother of Batgirl, but at this point, she just seems too darn wild (to say the least) for that role. We'll give it time, though...

    I do want Jim to get back on target with the police force. The bounty-hunter concept isn't thrilling me too much, but we'll see where it goes,as well.

    Again, gotta get Jerome back into this scene. Hate to be left dangling!