Friday, September 18, 2015


...Must give a big, blog shout-out to the new FEMFORCE (#172) from AC COMICS!!! Yessiree, our gorgeous faves are back in full, eye-popping swing: Dinosaur Girl; Ms. Victory; Nightveil, She-Cat; Stardust; Synn and Tara. If that line-up doesn't get your pulse pumpin', I honestly don't know what the heck will!!!

It's sure a dandy of a jam-packed issue, too, folks, with moral-based tales and tantalizing artwork by such splendid talents as Chris Allen; Alejandro Alvarez; Jeff Austin; Jacob Bear; David Jacob Beckett; E.T. Dollman; Mark and Stephanie Heike; Andrew Hawnt; Mark Holmes; Dan Membiela; Walter Paisley; Scott Shriver; Mark S. Zimmerman...and my good buddy, Rock Baker (see "Collectible Time #36: Sept '15), whose talents can be found in three spirited stories: "Battle for Atoll Q", "A Nice Girl in a Place Like This" and "Same As It Ever Was".

If you're into strong, curvaceous chicks, this one will tickle (and fulfill) your fancy to the max!!! Take the plunge and order it now from AC Comics (www. ACCCOMICS.COM) while supplies last!!! You won't be disappointed!!!

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  1. Hi there! Now THAT's what I call enthusiasm. The issue came out so well! :)