Saturday, September 5, 2015

Collectible Time # 37: JAKKS 48" Talking/Battle-Buddy Darth Vader and 12" Hasbro Kylo Ren figures

As part of the September '15 release of "Star Wars" collectibles (anticipating the December "Force Awakens" premiere), I found this sterling 48" JAKKS Talking/Sound Effects, "Battle Buddy" Darth Vader at Walmart!!! Gosh, the 31" version is a stunner, but this son of a gun is on a whole other, looming level!!! (Really, you can't comprehend the majestic bulk of the thing until you're standing next to it.)

When one touches the chest-panel buttons, the figure utters either "friend" or "foe" statements (though coming from Vader, is there really any distiction?), which include: "Join me and together we can rule the galaxy"; "You are beaten. It is useless to resist"; "Impressive, most impressive"; and "Your skills are complete". The figure also emits lightsaber and blaster sound effects.  (A motion sensor can automatically generate the vocalizations/sounds, if one desires.)

From what I've read, these suckers are selling as fast as they hit the shelves and are now going for "scalper" prices on a number of Internet sources. So glad fate favored me to find one, sparing me what may have been an arduous (and ultra expensive) quest. 

Also, from a sojourn soon thereafter at my local Kmart, I came across a 12" Hasbro Kylo Ren. This dark, mysterious entity is destined to make a profound impression in "Force Awakens", and I'm pleased to have obtained this homage so far ahead of "Episode VII'"s release!!!

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  1. Guess I should have mentioned that it is, indeed, James Earl Jones' voice that's sued for the Darth Vader figure. I figured such should go without saying, but then the Disney/Marvel Avengers talking characters haven't utilized the actors' voices. Wouldn't think they could get away with such with Vader, being that the voice is so darn iconic, or else it would have to be one mighty fine imitation. Nonetheless, actual lines from the movies are used in this instance.