Thursday, September 10, 2015

Collectible TIme #38: Gordon Archer Weetabix Dr. Who '75 Card Poster

Obtained another fine, signed Gordon Archer print (see "Collectible Time #35": August '15), courtesy of his son, Jon...

It's a compilation of the '75 Weetabix Dr. Who card series, featuring good ol' Tom Baker!!!

I'm quite partial to this Whovian era, and what a swell idea of Jon to have arranged the character images into one dashing 16" x 23" format. Indeed, if you're a Dr. Who fan, you'd be darn foolish not to move on this. (BTW: the actual print is even grander than the above image: strikingly rich in its details and pigments.)

You can learn more about this wonderful print by visiting...Doctor Who Poster on Facebook. I'm certain Jon will be pleased to hear from you.

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