Saturday, September 19, 2015

Collectible Time #40: JAKKS 48" Talking/Battle-Buddy Stormtropper and 31" Kylo Ren

Somehow, someway I stumbled upon a JAKKS 48" talking/Battle-Buddy "Force Awakens" Stormtrooper at a local Toys"R"Us. (I hear this item is as rare as hen's teeth right now.)

Like the 48" JAKKS Darth Vader (see "Collectible Time #37": Sept '15), this one sure is a sight for sore eyes, as is the dashing, preacher-like figure posing next to it. 

As you can discern, the newly designed "First Unit" Stormtrooper is quite a massive piece of posable plastic, and in addition to emitting a series of sharp blaster sounds, the figure vocalizes such heartwarming statements as "Move out. Let's go"; "Put down your weapons"; "Sir--Resistance fighters"; and the ever encouraging "We're taking you into custody." 

Couldn't help myself with this one, and I seemed destined to grab this sturdy specimen, considering it was the only one on the shelf. For sure, he'll make a fine-dandy companion for Darth.

On the 31" side, found a nifty Kylo Ren at Kmart...

The figure sports a cloth cape, and when the hood is pulled back, one gets a nice view of the helmet: a most familiar looking structure, at that, I might add. One can also insert the pieces of his formidable, cross-like lightsaber. 

Anyway, JAKKS sure does a kick-ass job producing these larger scale figures, whether it's "Star Wars" or otherwise. Happy and proud to have these for my collection.

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