Friday, September 11, 2015

Collectible Time #39: Nate Gonzalez Cesar Romero Joker Print


It's another spectacular print for my growing collection, and this time it comes from the incredibly talented, Nate Gonzalez, a buddy, I might add, of previously featured artist, Jesse Gutierrez (see "...Mars Needs Homegirls": Sept '15). 

Gonzalez's Cesar Romero Joker captures the character's demented glee to a tee in this deliciously lurid 11" x 17" representation!!!

For a meager $20, you can nab a print for your very own. Just visit Nate Gonzalez at his Facebook page and message him. He'll take it from there with the necessary arrangements. 

I gotta say, each time I gaze upon this masterpiece, I churn a belly full of maniacal laughter. What an inspirational tie-in for the Batman '66 renaissance, don't you think?

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