Monday, September 7, 2015

ENTER--THE PERSONA!...New Michael F. Housel Adventure Coming Soon From Airship 27 Productions

One of my novels has been accepted for publication by Ron Fortier's Airship 27 Productions, which specializes in pulp-styled characters and colorful adventures.

The novel is entitled “Enter—the Persona!”: the lead character, a cross between the Shadow/Lamont Cranston and Dr. Stephen Strange.

For the heck of it, here's a wee taste: 

Michael Mansford is a dashing thirty-year-old eccentric who has a penchant for ventriloquism, marionettes and salaciously rendered art deco. He owns and runs a number of enterprises within Brink Town, NJ, including the famed novelty company, Esoteric Incorporated. Above all, he despises all forms of suppression, finding the prevailing fanaticism in Germany, Italy and Red Russia in direct opposition to the American way of life. 

One day he learns from the caretaker of Blessed Tidings Cemetery (which Mansford's family has operated for several decades)that robed, pagan-like individuals have been spotted about the grounds during the nocturnal hours. Though the caretaker assures Mansford he has scared off the intruders, the young entrepreneur is inclined to scope the surroundings himself, staking out at the graveyard one evening. 

Mansford ultimately spots the strange individuals meandering about the area, and in their midst is a Jean-Harlow lookalike, who they are prepping for apparent sacrifice. Mansford intercedes, but not without consequence,for just as he prevents the young lady's demise, a dark, eight-limbed behemoth breaks from the ground, and in so doing,hurls Mansford down into an inter-dimensional, cavernous chasm.

Mansford is greeted by a smoky-faced apparition who calls himself Mister Surrogate. Surrogate presents Mansford with a shiny, white, nondescript mask, which he claims was forged from shavings scraped from Heaven's Pearly Gates. He informs Mansford that if he dons the mask, he will gain extraordinary powers which will allow him to harness the beast before it can extend its rampage...

Matters grow even stranger as the story evolves, but more on that later down the publishing line...

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