Thursday, September 24, 2015

Collectible Time #41: JAKKS 18" Poe Dameron and 20" Yoda Action Figures

Purchased an 18" JAKKS Poe Dameron action figure at Kmart. I figured I'd finally get in on the ground floor with one of the upcoming "Force Awakens" good guys. 

The Chapter VII character  is portrayed by Oscar "Ex Machina" Isaac, and the representation certainly captures the actor's facial structure, even if the gear somewhat obscures this upon initial glance. 

I've always been partial to the X-wing pilot outfit, going back to when Mark Hamill wore such as Luke: a kind of bulky Buck Rogers or Flash Gordon look, perhaps, with a brush of Captain Midnight. Anyway, this variation looks good on Isaac, while connecting with a prior time in "Star Wars" lore. Heck, what can I say? I'm a sucker for nostalgia!

PS: The figure comes with an attachable blaster which can be poised in hand or holster. Nice touch...

Also, a few days later at Kmart, I purchased the JAKKS 20" Yoda!!!

In scale, this one would be more in tune with the 48" JAKKS figures, but is probably intended as its own "jumbo" stand-alone among the company's largest pieces.

Yoda comes with a cloth cloak, an attachable lightsaber  and loads of wrinkled detail on his wise, old head. I don't mean to brag, but the force was evidently with me, for I found this one on its first day of release!!!

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