Friday, September 23, 2022


Blessed are the peacemakers! Artist/writer Steve Shipley drives that Biblical notion home in his allegorical comic, The United Planet Alliance Peacemakers. The latter are galactic police officers who right wrongs by keeping their hearts in the right place. 

Shipley launched his concept in 1984, and he's revived it for a new run, and #1 is a pleasure from front to back. 

In the case of "The White Rose", the Peacemaker duo of Stefan and Angel travel to a world where a gentle race, the Phileos, are bullied by the brutal Tri-ogs, but there's more to the planet's problems than a simple rift of good and bad. In this instance, an extraordinary rose holds the key to mend hostilities by adapting any number of beneficial shapes if only shared, as our intrepid duo soon learns. 

Through their intervention, Stefan and Angel demonstrate the virtues of compassion as a means to open one's eyes--and soul--against selfishness. And Shipley's morality tale is presented per his amazing, astral artwork, its content rendered in the spirit of Rocky Jones and Tom Corbett, where the lessons taught hold veritable breadth and worth. 

I love this introductory relaunch and can't wait to absorb more. Please, Steve, get that second issue out there as fast as you can. This too often troubled earth surely needs the inspiration that you and your gracious Peacemakers offer. 

To obtain a copy of The Planet Alliance Peacemakerssend $2.50 (check or money order) to Steve Shipley, 1160 S. Mccord Rd. #J-2, Holland, OH 43528; or paypal him at Mr. Shipley will transport your issue along with rocket-fueled expeditiousness.

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