Saturday, November 21, 2020


November's Airship 27 Podcast is all set for listening/viewing, for which New Pulp fans will be most grateful.

In this episode, Ron Fortier and Rob Davis cover R.A. Jones' spectacular crossover, "Alice in Neverland". Jones combines the styles of James Barrie and Lewis Carroll to bring this spellbinding sequel to life, which is accompanied Ted Hammond's enchanting cover and Gary Kato's lovely interiors. The guys' enthusiasm over this entry is quite understandable. It truly is that remarkable. (See Nov 15th, "bizarrechats" review.)

In addition, Ron and Rob discuss my contribution to Mark Justice's Dead Sheriff saga: "Purity". This fourth volume in the series just hit print last week and is adorned by Michael Youngblood raucous cover and Rob Davis' gritty illustrations. (I'll tell you, folks, I'm mighty proud to be part of this one and therefore, Justice's influential legacy.)

Ron and Rob also touch upon such promised releases as "All-American Sport Stories, Vol 2"; "The Masked Rider, Vol 3"; "Jezebel Johnston, Vol 7"; "The Three Musketeers, Vol 1"; "The Dead Sheriff, Vol 5"; the Brother Bones live-action series; plus share new opening/closing jokes, guaranteed to tickle the funny bone.  

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