Monday, July 3, 2017


Was saddened to hear of your passing and alas, so many days after the woeful fact. You deserved better than that, since you were a fine, strong actor, so full of menace and mirth, adored by fans around the world for a lifetime of outstanding work. 

As a child star, you generated chills galore in "Tomorrow, the World!", which became a prophetic prelude to your presence in "Star Trek'"s "Patterns of Force". You also projected a most devilish aura in the series' "Way to Eden", establishing Dr. Sevrin as one of the Enterprise's most memorable enemies. 

Also, you were spot-on in many other productions, including "The Addams Family"; "Alfred Hitchock Presents"; "The Bionic Woman"; "Bonanza"; "Circle of Fear"; "Climax"; "Death Valley Days"; "Fantasy Island"; "The Incredible Hulk"; "Lost in Space"; "Mission: Impossible"; "One Step Beyond"; "The Outer Limits"; "Project U.F.O."; "Rawhide"; "The Six Million Dollar Man"; "Suspense"; "The Virginian"; "Voyage to the Bottom of the Sea"; "Wanted: Dead or Alive"; and "The Wonderful World of Disney". To boot, you even helped good, ol' Don Knotts weave the laughs in the uproarious "The Ghost and Mr. Chicken", as well as taking the investigative reigns in the unfortunately short-lived, "Dan Raven". 

God bless and Godspeed, dear friend. Your work will be appreciated, revisited--and remembered--for centuries to come. 

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