Saturday, July 15, 2017


It took forever and a day for me to land a copy, but at long last I've obtained AC's FEMFORCE #178!!!

As with all Mark and Stephanie Heike publications, it's a true-blue winner, with plenty of high-flying adventure and sturdy curves galore!!! The issue's headlining beauties are Firebeam; Ms. Victory; Nightveil; She-Cat; Stardust; Synn; and Tara: a delicious line-up, indeed, and they're only the start of the gorgeous wonders contained!!!

Incidentally, my good buddy, Rock Baker lends his imaginative skills (as both illustrator and writer) to "Crystal Clear", "Masks in Lace", and the sensationally satirical "Super-Cutie: the Bare Facts": the latter a new concept in the FEMFORCE scene, which I, for one, hope continues. (Truly, it's too darn good to stay solo!!!)

For whatever odd reason, copies of this swell issue appear quite scarce; so visit your local comic shop or any number of fine, online establishments to see what's cookin'. (For what it's worth, I finally nabbed my copy at You sure as heck don't wanna miss this one!!!

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