Saturday, July 1, 2017


As Red Buttons once proclaimed, strange things are happening. 

Two Amazon “sellers” recently listed my novel, “Flask of Eyes", for (hold onto your seat) $189.75 and $203.56!!! Come now, really? Even as "Flask" becomes allegedly scarcer, along with other Caliburn Press titles by other authors (thanks to the publisher's questionable tactics), who’d dare pay these outrageous sums? (Some of us have suspicions as to the cause behind the ghastly pricing, but wish to look further into the matter before drawing a conclusion.)

Listen, folks, I still have copies of "Flask", if you’re interested. I’ll autograph 'em--heck, even personalize 'em for you--and right now the cost will be a mere $10 per copy. Not bad, eh?

I also have copies of my Airship 27 Production titles, “Enter—the Persona!” and “The Hyde Seed”, for those who have a hankering. (I do try to replenish my supplies whenever my stash slips.) I’m selling "Persona" for $10 and "Hyde Seed" for $8: each signed and/or personalized. (The titles are also available for reasonable prices through Airship 27 and other reputable sources, which do, in fact, list on Amazon.) 

To purchase copies directly from me, or if you have any questions/concerns about the above, please touch base through bizarrechats (leave a message below) or at 

Don't be fooled by such bizarre pricing. No respectable seller and/or publisher would be so crass to ask for that kind of cash for any current, mass-produced, small-press title—period.

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