Sunday, July 16, 2017


Through "Night of the Living Dead"; "Dawn of the Dead"; and "Day of the Dead", you set forth a flesh-feasting pattern that others have copied, but never truly captured. Your variations on the theme, with your collaboration on Tom Savini's "Night...", as well as "Land of the Dead"; "Document of the Dead"; and "Survival of the Dead", only further cemented your fame as the macabre master of your game.

Your exquisite filmmaking skills also bestowed us with "The Crazies"; "Jack's Wife/Season of the Witch"; "Martin"; "Knightriders"; "Monkey Shines"; "The Dark Half"; "Bruiser" and the offbeat "There's Always Vanilla". Additionally, you left your mark on some of the finest, horror anthologies of our time: "Creepshow"; "Creepshow 2" and of course, "Tales from the Dark Side"; and let's not overlook your devilish hosting chores on "Deadtime Stories, Vol 1 and 2", as well as your delicious team-up with Dario Argento on the Poe-inspired, "Two Evil Eyes". 

You weren't afraid to push the envelope or offer social commentary in your mad dreams. Though your films were charged with carnage and fright, you graciously and poetically changed the way I looked at the world, and for that, I'll always be in your debt. 

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