Saturday, July 1, 2017

Collectible Time #88: MPC Stroker McGurk/Ghost of America Flying Car Reissue Kit

In May, I reviewed MPC's re-release of the '60s classic, plastic kit, "Stroker McGurk's Surf Hot Rod" (see "Collectible Time #86"). As most presumed, it wouldn't be long before its popular companion piece resurfaced, and I'm pleased to have found it on a recent Z&Z Hobbies sojourn.

"Stroker McGurk's Ghost of America Flying Car" is as much an oddball wonder as its surfboard sibling, though in this instance, Tom Medley's famous Hot Rod Magazine mascot isn't represented in full figure. There's no mistaking, though, the character's charming grin: in this instance fringed by sporty, aviator gear.

The most interesting aspect of "Ghost of America", however, (even beyond its biplane frame and haunting name) is the not-so-American link to Manfred von Richthoven, the Red Baron. In fact, the kit's decals allow one to commemorate the connection, assuming that is, one desires the attributed color. 

The vehicle also features a big, ol' Allison engine and several chrome parts to catch one's eye.  

As with MPC's Surf Hot Rod, McGurk's flying-car kit includes a cool, collectible sticker. 

"Ghost of America" runs for a meager $30 at most retailers. Get yours before they zoom away!!!

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