Monday, June 29, 2020

Collection Recommendation: Mr. Lobo's Cinema Insomnia ("Set" #7) on Alpha DVD

Just in time to hit a much needed "misunderstood" chord, Alpha DVD (through has released a new "Mr. Lobo's Cinema Insomnia" entry. The film this time is writer/director/producer Glenn Berggoetz's irreverent "Midget Zombie Takeover". 

The film's premise is basic yet engaging, with "older teens" stripping down for some hot-tub fun, only to encounter an onslaught of zombified, little people set to bloody the deck. (Actually, the kids do get forewarning of the predestined doom from a insightful neighbor, but being smart-ass kids, just shrug it off.)  In any event, it seems the wee (though sometimes more-or-less tall) flesheaters have manifested due to some ineffable, lunar activity and won't cease until every last youngster is gobbled up.

Structurally, "Midget Zombie Takeover" is "Night of the Living Dead", though with a sardonic twist. As such, the kids goof around, make love and even theorize on the mini apocalypse's ambiguous hows and whys as they follow that trusty, splattered-bricked road. In other ways, the story plays like a modernization of Jerry Warren's "Teenage Zombies", give or take a plot point or two. 

The makeshift mishmash makes Berggoetz's spoof ideal for Mr. Lobo's cool wit and downsized ingredients. The result is one that misunderstood-film fans are destined to devour with shameless voracity.  

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