Tuesday, January 12, 2021


Oh, what a sweet, gorgeous amazon you were, Ms. Strain: the apple of so many a lustful eye. You never minded the ogling, though. In fact, you encouraged and promoted it, making you one of the most irreverent and respected pin-up icons of all time. 

And your iconic status prevailed even beyond the pages of Penthouse and related Girlie magazines, with a dizzying stack of films that includes "Delta Delta Die"; "Out for Justice"; "Double Impact"; "Kuffs"; "Azira: Blood from the Sand"; "Night Rhythms"; "Big Sister 2000"; "Heavy Metal 2000"; "Battlequeen 2020"; "Love Bites"; "The Bare Wench Project" (entire franchise); "Witchcraft IV"; "Mirror Images"; "The Rowdy Girls"; "The Independent"; "Beverly Hills Cop III"; "Rock n' Roll Cops 2"; "Psycho Cop Returns"; "The Unnamable II"; "Tales from the Crapper"; "Horror Tales 666"; ".com for Murder"; "Wild Angel"; "Barbarellas"; "Teasers"; "Bleed"; "Bikini Hotel"; "Zombiegeddon": "No Pain, No Gain": "Sex Court"; "How to Make a Monster '01"; "Planet of the Exotic Ape" (aka, "Babes in Kong Land"); "God Squad!"; "Thirteen Erotic Ghosts"; "Sorceress"; "Sorceress II: the Temptress"; "Infernal Soldiers"; "Red Line"; "Day of the Warrior"; "Takin it Off Out West"; "Naked Gun: the Final Insult"; "Victim of Desire"; "Guns of Chupacabra"; "Fit to Kill"; "Return to Savage Beach"; "The Dallas Connection"; and my personal fave, "Enemy Gold" (that scene in the woods with the sword--oh me, oh my). 

Your fans wished you to portray Wonder Woman, Vampirella and Bettie Page in full-length features. Though those prospects didn't come to be, you were still generous enough to grant a gamut of luscious homages in the form of photos and action figures. 

Beyond any doubt, you were the real-deal McCoy, Ms. Strain, whose love-of-life legacy will continue to enthrall, keeping your legend eternal within a band of devoted hearts.

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