Tuesday, December 3, 2019


Your impact on television is incomparable, in particular to "Star Trek", where you covered the classic foundation, the animated series, "The Next Generation"; "DS9" and the "New Voyages". 

You were also instrumental in a number of other imaginative adventures, penning scripts for "The Six Million Dollar Man"; "Land of the Lost"; "Fantastic Journey"; "Buck Rogers in the 25th Century"; "Logan's Run"; "Ghost Story", "He-Man and the Masters of the Universe"; "ReBoot"; and "Beast Wars". 

There's also your wonderful work on "The Streets of San Francisco"; "The Waltons"; "Then Came Bronson"; "Ben Casey"; "Kung Fu"; "Frontier Circus"; "Bonanza"; "The Big Valley"; "Shotgun Slade"; "Lancer"; and "The High Chaparral".

As an author and producer, you supplied us fulfillment, delivering the sort of entertainment that had its heart in the right place. There will never be another D.C. Fontana: a legend from our past who is now a legend for the ages.

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