Monday, December 5, 2016

Mummy 2017 Trailers Emerge!!!

Whenever it comes to monster team-ups, I can't help but get excited. Next year's "The Mummy" (directed by imagi-movie favorite, Alex Kurtzman, and headlined by the legendary Tom Cruise) is such a case in point. One can see from both the teaser and initial, full (very action-oriented) trailers, that the movie isn't a reboot/remake (hell, it doesn't even have anything to do with Imhotep or Kharis, for goodness sake), but it certainly includes a couple horror icons...well, one in truth a bandaged knock-off, but the concept still meshes. 

The film's title character, named Princess Ahmanet, is portrayed by Sofia Boutella, who made a huge impression on fans in this summer's "Star Trek Beyond", and prior to that, in the action hit, "The Kingsman". The film also features a man who has quite a diverse group of characters already under his belt, Russell Crowe, in this instance portraying Dr. Henry Jekyll. 

Now, I don't know if Eddie Hyde will make an appearance in "The Mummy", since the trailers only offer a glimpse of what's in store, and back-up marketing is even more secretive. (I'm assuming there are probably plans to introduce Hyde in a later Universal mash-up or solo Jekyll/Hyde feature, if either should come about.) Nevertheless, the simple fact that Jekyll harbors the essence of Hyde is enough for me to label this installment an official monster team-up, and I'm diggin' in my heels and stickin' to that notion. 

Maybe Kurtzman's approach (and of course, screenwriter Jon Spaihts') will be in line with Jess Franco's, presenting traces of iconic characters throughout (hints of potential developments, if you will), but we'll see. Whatever's in store, I, for one, will be waiting most anxiously...


  1. Say, the weird-eye effect on Boutella is reminiscent of what we see on the "Exorcist" television series. Wonder if there's a supernatural connection...

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