Sunday, December 18, 2016

Collectible Time #75: JAKKS 31" Rogue One Death Trooper and AMT Barris/Munsters Graveyard Ghoul Duo Reissue

JAKKS marches on with another timely "Star Wars" 31" Big Figs salute...the stunning "Rogue One'" Death Trooper.

In gleaming black, this menacing soldier is a showroom stopper, all set for stately display with his fashionable blaster.

The figure's sleek look is bound to catch many a collector's eye, while conveying the perfect, sinister agenda: Maintain Imperial Command!!!

Like other Big-Figs when they first hit the scene, the Death Trooper is a tad elusive. I was lucky to grab one at my local K-Mart; nonetheless, when available, this fine piece goes for about $30-$40 at most retailers...

Also, I managed to procure (where I get all my model kits--Z&Z Hobbies) a terrific, "commemorative" reissue of AMT's "Graveyard Ghoul Duo" set, which contains George Barris' "Munsters" Couch and Dragula. 

I had this kit back in '73, upon its initial release. Over the years, I've purchased several representations of both classic vehicles, but it was the sentimental packaging on this one (with that cool ghoul side-pic) that made this reissue a must-have. (I can still recall that long-ago Friday night when my parents, along with my brother and grandfather, made a casual trip to K-Mart--yep, same one where I purchased the Death Trooper--and guess what just happened to end up in my lap! Ah, memories!)

These 1:25 scale models are intricate, though like all AMT kits, never a hassle to construct. The "Graveyard Ghoul Duo" goes for $35-$40 at most hobby shops: a reasonable price for any "Munsters" or novelty-car completist.

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