Thursday, December 8, 2016

Collectible Time #74: Nate "the Animal" Gonzalez's Dark Side--REVEALED!!!

Nate "the Animal" Gonzalez has really outdone himself with an original nod to an old, iconic favorite and just in time for the latest "Star Wars" release. 

"Dark Side - REVEALED" is a 11" x 17" experimental tribute to the Dark Lord of Sith, inspired by (Gonzalez has informed me) a R2D2 "bleeding" composition his friend, Scott fashioned. Thank goodness for inspiration, I say, for this one is a winner all the way. 

What's works for "Dark Side - REVEALED" is its symbolic angst. In other words, it represents the pain and rage of Anakin Skywalker and his ultimate descent into that hellish titan known as Darth Vader. The bleeding element also symbolizes (at least to me) Vader's harbored sadness: perhaps a mad, tearful yearning to return to a clear-headed mode, while still being shackled by contempt. (I also appreciate the print's hip "Rogue One" insignia and the simulated, air-brush quality of the image, which would look "impressive...most impressive" on a van or car hood.)

I'm honored to have this captivating composition for my collection; Gonzalez was even kind enough to install it in a stylish black frame for me. (If you wish to touch base with the artist to obtain a print of your own, you can reach him at 


  1. Thank you sir, your words are too kind. The "airbrush" effect is actually red water color paint smeared into the image with a paper napkin.. Thank you for the kind words!

    1. I must say, Nate, you come up with the cleverest (and most basic) means to bring your outstanding creations to life. Dark Side--REVEALED is another wonderful case in point.